Declan Rice or Raphael Varane Manchester United Choose?

Declan Rice or Raphael Varane Manchester United Choose?

Several reports have revealed that Manchester United are hunting for the signature of Wet Ham player, Declan Rice. The move was deemed unnecessary by the former head of his first team development division, Nicky Butt. The performance shown by Rice in the last few seasons with West Ham United has been increasingly brilliant. No wonder the 22-year-old midfielder is often linked with many top English clubs.

Manchester United is one of them. Despite still having many great midfielders, some believe that the Red Devils' interest in Rice is still alive today.

Is it necessary to recruit Rice this summer? This is a question for many football fans. Because Manchester United has a large quantity in the midfield sector with the presence of Nemanja Matic, Scott McTominay, and Paul Pogba.

No Need Declan Rice

Butt adalah salah satu sosok yang siap menentang kalau Manchester United sampai benar berniat mendatangkan Rice. Sebab ia percaya kalau Rice tidak akan bermain lebih baik ketimbang McTominay saat ini.

"Ini soal mendapatkan pemain secara tepat, yang bakalan membuat anda menjadi penantang gelar. Ini adalah klub pemenang, jadi anda tak bisa bertahan lama tanpa raihan gelar," ujarnya dikutip dari Goal International.

"Saya kira Manchester United sudah cukup solid di lini tengah. Saya terus mendengar soal Declan Rice, tapi apakah dia lebih baik dari Scott McTominay?" lanjutnya.

Saya tidak begitu yakin, saya pikir dengan Scott McTominay, Paul Pogba dan sudah jelas Bruno Fernandes, kami sudah berada pada posisi yang baik di tengah lapangan.

Central Defender is more Crucial

Instead of strengthening an already luxurious midfield, Butt believes that Manchester United should focus on pursuing Raphael Varane. The French-blooded player is being rumored to be leaving Real Madrid this year.

"For me, the biggest thing to tackle at Manchester United this summer is the central defender position; we need a partner for Harry Maguire," Butt added.

Everyone's talking about Raphael Varane. I understand he's a bit older than a lot of people might like but you need to go back to Teddy Sheringham's days.

"I think we bought him when he was 32 years old, and we won the treble with him. If Varane is available, then I will try my best to sign him," concluded Butt.